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Horse Écorché

Horse Écorché

I recently created this Horse Écorché as an anatomy exercise using image/drawing reference and select photogrammetry reference (Thanks @jerbotnet). The goal of the project was to develop a model that could be used as a baseline for creating specific characters/individuals.

The musculature of the model is labeled based on scientific name and was modeled primary by using curve objects. The main benefit of curve objects is to be able to adjust muscle size as needed to match reference and to accurately pinpoint muscle insertion points.

The skin of the model was created by shrinkwrapping the musculature and then smoothing and sculpting the resulting mesh using Blender's sculpt toolset. The Draw, Grab, Crease, and Inflate brushes were my most frequently used brushes and I frequently made use of voxel remeshing to control the level of detail.

My next step with the model will be develop a set of individuals and species based on photogrammetry data. I also plan to create a 3d printing friendly version of the musculature for use as a physical anatomy reference tool.