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Raspberry - Shading Practice

Johnson martin finalcomp

Final Comp

Johnson martin wip5

Raw Rendering

Johnson martin wip7

Clay Rendering with Peach Fuzz

Johnson martin challenge 04 berry reference

Reference provided by

Raspberry - Shading Practice

I recently shaded this Raspberry in Cycles for the ongoing challenge over at

I learned a fair bit about working with Subsurface Scattering, Translucency, and strand rendering. Three things I rarely work with while shading most things.

I also spent some time perfecting the final comp render to better match the reference by tweaking the color and adding photographic phenomenon including Chromatic aberration, Film Grain and vignetting. I also opted for a bit lighter of a raspberry than in the reference per personal taste. Although the raw render matches the reference a little closer.

As always, feedback is appreciated!